Sensational snack times

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By Fe Luton

Ask any 4-year-old what the best bit of their morning was and many will tell you that it was snack time! While we as teachers may not reflect on it quite so fondly, it is certainly something of an old friend, a touchstone in the daily Early Years routine.

Unfortunately, however, this period of the morning is often seen as nothing more than an exercise in refuelling, when it could in fact be another opportunity to incorporate the EYFS curriculum. You may have, or need to have, a set snack time, or it may be part of your continuous provision with children ticking off their names as they snack. Either way, are you making the most of your snack-learning potential?

Snack time

Phonic fruit

On a basic level, with just a little creativity, you can easily provide fruit and veg with first letters covering the entire alphabet. You might also want to focus on final sounds as well as initial (or even middle); and why not challenge your children to contribute ideas, or even snacks they have brought in?

Going further, if you can link your snacks to your phonics for the week, children can do an array of things:
  • Snack words – slice fruit and vegetables up into smaller pieces and get children to make a ‘snack word’ in their bowl, for example apple, nectarine and tangerine makes ‘ant’.
  • Guess the snack – see if children can guess which item you are looking for by giving them the initial or final sounds.
  • Phonic salad and soups – make a fruit salad for the sounds you are exploring that week. Or use phonetic vegetables as ingredients to make some soup.
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