Bird of Paradise

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By David Clayton — Author

This original short story by David Clayton has great boy appeal. Set in Brazil, it centres on two top footballers who accept a challenge to play a match against a team of young boys from a poor village up in the mountains. One of the boys turns out to be a really talented player who will one day become a sporting superstar.


These teachers’ notes refer to the PRINT ONLY version of the guided reading leaflet available in Literacy Time PLUS for Ages 9 to 11, May 2008 issue.

Before reading

  • Find out if the children have read a story set in another country before.
  • Locate Brazil on a map. Show pictures of different areas of Brazil and explain what it is like to live there.
  • Discuss their favourite football teams, favourite players, why they are good, etc. Do any of them think they could beat their favourite player in a game?
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