Pulling together

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By Sue Cowleyeducational author, presenter and trainer.

There are many factors involved in working effectively with colleagues. Sue Cowley provides some typical scenarios and advice to help you make the best of your own working relationships

Pulling together

Working with children can be a stressful job, although often it is not the children themselves who cause most of the stress. There is the paperwork, the constant rounds of new initiatives, the political interference and the emotional challenge of working with children from difficult backgrounds.

Having a good working relationship with colleagues can help us to rise above the day-to-day stresses. We know that there is someone to turn to, and someone to trust, when we are feeling the strain. It is often the case that the more difficult the job you do, the more supportive your colleagues will be of each other. As the old saying goes – adversity brings out the best in us.

Lacking lustre

Lacking lustre

There is a carer in your setting who has been there for over ten years. She used to be one of the most enthusiastic and bubbly members of staff, but now she seems to have totally lost any motivation and interest in her work and needs to be encouraged and re-enthused.

After a while in the same job, it is all too easy to lose that initial spark and buzz about coming in to work. Things become a bit ‘samey’, and we forget what it was that initially made us so enthusiastic.

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