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By Jillian Harkerteacher and freelance writer

Solve the riddles and uncover the bugs – then make your own weird and wonderful minibeast creations!

You will need

A copy of the ‘Mini who?’ poem (see A1 poster); copies of the Minibeast mix up cards (see back of A1 poster); egg cartons; tissue paper; pipe-cleaners; acorns; needle and thread.

Whole class

Tell the children that you are going to read them a poem about minibeasts. Explain that each verse is a sort of riddle; it will describe one minibeast but will not actually name it. The children’s task is to work out which minibeast is being described. Read the first two lines of the first verse and then pause to ask them to suggest which minibeast they think it might be. (Some of the sharper-eyed members of the class might spot the minibeast hiding in the poster!)

After the children have offered their ideas, say that you will now read the whole verse to check if they are right. Begin at the first line and read the verse through. Treat each verse in the same way. (The final verse can be saved for the ages 6-7 activity.)

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