A ghostly glow

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By Liz Smallman — Education and Public Programmes Manager, Eureka! The Museum for Children

Spooky shadows, an eerie glow, From up above and down below, Take a look, if you dare, To find out what is hiding there…

There’s nothing quite like a haunted house and the sound of creaking floorboards and ghostly wails in the night to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck! Children love the scary feelings it stirs up in them, and some of the best children’s films have been set in haunted houses. Films like The Addams Family and Casper can provide a great context through which to introduce circuits to children and offer a way of exploring curriculum themes such as electricity.

You will need:

Medium sized cardboard box; black card; red, yellow and green cellophane; glue stick; scissors; sticky tape; cutting tool; ruler, pencil, colouring pencils, pink highlighter pen; six batteries in individual holders with wires attached to each end; three bulbs in holders; eight split pins; three paperclips; pictures of haunted house props and ‘residents’, such as fireplace, pumpkin, ghosts (small and big), black cat, magic carpet, grandfather clock, mirror, portraits, candelabra.

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