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By Jean Evansearly years consultant and author

Enhance the children’s awareness of minibeasts by listening to our lively CD, and carry out these stimulating activity ideas spanning all six Areas of Learning and Development

How to use the CD

The CD tracks are ideal for extending a ‘Minibeasts’ topic or providing lively accompaniment to music and movement sessions. Maximise the children’s learning by ensuring that they have easy access to a CD player and the CD, if they choose to listen, sing or dance to it during free play. Provide percussion instruments to accompany the music.

Activities across the curriculum

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

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  1. Lydia @ Scholastic
    on 15 February 2010

    CD resources

    Hi Emma,

    Unfortunately the CD was only available to customers who bought the magazine back in 2006.

    We have lots more minibeast resources here though:

    Lydia (Scholastic Web Team)

  2. emma johnson
    on 14 February 2010

    the cd?

    Where can i get the CD you talk about?