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By Jenny Morriswriter and teacher who has run her own nursery school

This reading article focuses on the links between reading and health. Emphasise the link between body and mind by sharing together Maisy Goes to Hospital by Lucy Cousins

Maisy Goes to Hospital

Maisy Goes to Hospital

Maisy is having fun bouncing on her trampoline, but then she accidentally falls off and hurts her leg. She goes to hospital where she has an X-ray that shows her leg is broken so she has to have a plaster cast put on it. Maisy has to stay overnight on the children’s ward. She is a little bit homesick but makes friends with another patient in the opposite bed. They swap toys and share presents. When it is time for Maisy to go home, she waves goodbye to her new friend, while balancing on her crutches.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Maisy is missing home but she has her toy panda to comfort her. Dotty, the other patient, also has a comfort toy. Ask the children to tell you about their comforters.
  • Doctor Duck washed her hands after putting on Maisy’s plaster cast. Talk to the children about the importance of hand washing. When do they wash their hands?
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