Going through transition

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By Sue Cowleyeducational author, presenter and trainer.

Educational expert Sue Cowley talks about the five common problems regarding transitions and offers strategies to help you solve them

1 The ‘fidgety’ child

The ‘fidgety’ child has trouble concentrating. When the practitioner addresses the class or the individual, the child wriggles, chats or giggles.

Possible causes:

  1. physical issues – poor diet, inadequate sleep
  2. lack of encouragement to sit and focus at home
  3. excessive use of television and computer games
  4. special needs such as ADHD.

Strategies for dealing with the problem:

  1. build concentration gradually, setting short, realistic targets and giving rewards when these are met;
  2. use regular focus exercises with the group, such as ‘Sleeping lions’ or ‘Frozen statues’
  3. talk with parents about how good diet and sleep patterns aid concentration
  4. encourage parents and children to make better choices about watching television.
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