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By Brenda Williamschildren’s author, poet and early years specialist.

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The Ugly Duckling

1 Dabbling in the river

Make a beautiful swan

Physical development

Using Equipment and Materials

Developmental matters: use one-handed tools and equipment (30-50 months).

Early learning goal: handle tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control.

What you need

Group size: small group. Picture of a swan; thin card; strong cardboard handle, approximately 4cm x 18cm; scissors; glue; A4 blue paper, folded lengthwise and slit along the fold leaving approximately 5cm uncut at each end.

What to do

Invite the children to glue the picture of the swan on to thin card, then cut it out and glue it on to the cardboard handle. Slot the handle through the slit in the blue paper, and encourage the children to ‘swim’ the swan gently through the ‘water’ from one end of the slit to the other.

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