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By Original article published 2 May 2014

This article is overflowing with activities using sand including drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, building castles and sandy music.

Playing with sand

Writing in the sand

Fill a shallow tray with dry sand. Let children spend time drawing in the sand to create shapes and simple patterns. Try writing letters and numbers. Can they write their name in the sand? Each time the pictures or words can be removed by simply shaking the tray! Try using different tools such as blunt pencils, straws, chopsticks, lolly sticks, twigs, spoons, forks, and so on.


Have a sand castle competition. Provide different-sized buckets, plastic moulds, pots and spades in the wet sand tray. Let children build lots of different types of sand castles: big, small, tall, thin, fat, with turrets and towers, and so on. Add decorations using shells, flags, paper, etc. Go round and judge the castles. Give prizes for the tallest, neatest, prettiest, and most unusual design.

Wet sand art

Pack a shallow cardboard box with damp sand. Using a mixture of tools such as clay tools, forks, blunt knives, dough cutters, tubes and plastic combs, create patterns on the surface of the sand. Smooth over the pattern and let someone else have a go.

Printing in the sand

Let children add water to the sand to make it the right consistency for building. Show children how to make the surface of the sand smooth so they can make hand prints. Can they turn the hand prints into flowers. Take photos of the hand prints. Ask children to take off their shoes and try making some foot prints in the sand.

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