Circle time: Good to be me

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By Jenny Mosleyfounder of the Whole-School Quality Circle Time Consultancy

Children need the confidence to be themselves. Circle time is an ideal opportunity for them to develop healthy self-esteem

This article was originally written in the context of the SEAL programme (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning), but these circle time activities could be used within PSHE education, or to address specific issues which arise in your classroom.

Children need to feel confident and happy to be themselves. As a teacher, one of your tasks is to provide an environment where children have the opportunity to experience personal success. They need you to respond with warmth, patience and interest, and to openly appreciate their efforts and achievements.

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Circle time is an ideal opportunity for you to share the secrets of healthy self-esteem. During this time you can teach the children how to see themselves as clever, able children who can do many things that are worth celebrating. Other children can give praise and kindness, so that everyone feels valued and part of a positive and empowering group.

Session 1 Zoo time


To show children that they can achieve something.

Meeting up

Say, A frog moves like this and them jump up and down on the spot. Give different examples, and as you say each sentence demonstrate how that particular animal moves. Invite all the children to copy you. When you clap your hands, every child should run to find a seat in a different place to where they sat before.

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