Have a monster Christmas

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This year, forget Santa, Christmas trees and angels – it’s time to give the monsters a chance to get Christmassy!

Monster Christmas 1

Before starting the activities below, set the scene by reading some of the brilliant monster themed children’s books from the book list. Also, ask children if they can think of any good monster names, giving some examples such as Horrible Hairy Harold, or Pongy Pete with the Jelly Feet – making sure children know that monsters can be funny and friendly and not scary at all.

Monster Stockings

Monster Christmas 4

This variation on an old favourite is loads of fun, and great for firing up those imaginations and coming up with some really horrible monster presents.

You will need:
  • White paper (A3 if available)
  • Pictures of things a monster might like for Christmas
  • Packet of gift tags, or make your own
  1. Firstly, cut out some big paper stockings.
  2. Have lots of little pictures ready for children to stick straight on to their stocking, which can be a combination of pictures cut from magazines and your own drawings.
  3. Let children choose which gifts they think their monster would like and help them glue these on their stocking.
  4. Finish off with a gift tag saying ‘To Mr. Monster, from…....’, adding the child’s name. If children are able to write their own name, you can make bigger gift tags, allowing enough room.
  5. Display the stockings in the setting as a fun Christmas decoration along with some funny monster pictures, adding Santa hats to the monsters to make them look really ready for Christmas.
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  1. ROSIE
    on 2 December 2011

    Not impressed

    I found this absolutely unsuitable for young children at Christmas and of little educational value. Monsters are a topic that can be looked at at any time of the year. Christmas comes but once a year and deserves better treatment.

  2. SjS
    on 2 December 2011

    Monster Christmas

    I prefer some of the older, traditional Scholastic resources.

    1out of 5