Nurseries around the world – Peru

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By Sally Watkinfreelance writer

This month’s destination is a shanty town in Peru, where we discover how two young British women set about creating a nursery for three- to five-year-olds

Twenty-three years ago, speech therapy graduates Debra Westlake and Sally Pinnell were backpacking around South America when they found themselves in shanty-town Peru.

Touched by the poverty and pollution, they decided to help in the only way they could think of – by providing a much-needed haven for the children.

With the support of the local community, they constructed a makeshift ‘nursery’ in the dusty yard of a house. Initially, it was little more than a few tables and chairs, and some second-hand toys (donated by nearby expats). Within weeks, Debra and Sally were inundated with requests from families wanting their children to join.

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