Childminders’ Focus March

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By Allison Leechildminder, author and tutor.

Allison Lee advises on writing policies; explains when it is necessary to have parents’ signed permission; and provides some ‘Growing’ activities to enjoy at home

Expert advice

Writing policies

Prior to any child starting in the setting, childminders need to decide what their boundaries are going to be and how they intend to implement them. Writing policies is a good way to ensure that both the parents and children are aware of what you will not tolerate.

Policies are not just useful in a childminding setting – they are essential. However, they will be very personal and unique to each practitioner. You will need to think carefully about your aims and goals and write your policies to reflect these.

Consider writing policies for main areas such as behaviour, confidentiality, equal opportunities, and sick children in order to ensure that parents and children completely understand what is expected of them.

Your policies should be clear and concise and leave no room for misinterpretation. Provide parents with a copy of your policies and display copies on the wall of your setting or place them in your portfolio to refer to as and when necessary.

When do I need to obtain signed permission from parents?

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