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By Dawn Roper — Literacy coordinator, class teacher and educational writer

Communication is one of the most important skills teachers can have. Dawn Roper offers some practical advice on how to communicate events and changes.

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Creating a website for your school can help to communicate information more effectively with parents

How to communicate events

  • Have a parents’ notice board, which parents can access easily. The format of this could be designed by the children. The children will then have more involvement with it and be able to tell the parents about it – which will then make parents look at it more.
  • Place notices in windows around school to remind people of certain events, for example book week, charity events, and so on.
  • Display copies of letters outside the office so parents can take them when needed. These could include uniform order forms, newsletters, and change of contact forms.
  • Encourage the children to bring back signed letters by giving them a sticker when they return them. Remind the children about educational visits and that they need to bring their signed form back to go on these visits.
  • Schools should celebrate their achievements – whether this is raising money for Comic Relief or after-school club achievements. Local newspapers can be invited to school to write a story and take a photograph about these achievements. However, they will need a bit of notice, especially if lots of schools are doing similar things around the same time. If the newspaper is taking a photograph of the children, you must get a signed photograph consent form from the parents/carers of the children who will appear on the photograph.
  • Governors need to be informed about all key issues and events. These should be addressed at the governors’ meetings throughout the year.
  • Could local businesses help promote your events? Let the children create their own posters, which could be displayed in local shop windows.
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