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By Anthony DeasPersonal Trainer and Cannons Local Gym Instructor of the Year

Help maintain an active lifestyle with these simple-to-do exercises to help shape and tone


Lunge your way to a better bottom

Here are a series of short and easy exercises that can be done quickly and hopefully make you feel psychologically better — so you can actually say to yourself ‘I have done something today!’

The bottom: (the gluteus maximus, ‘glutes’ – or simply – the bum!)

Exercise 1 SQUATS… the best exercise for the bum

1 Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

2 Tummy in, chest up, bum squeezed together.

3 Bend your knees and really push your bottom backwards to a squat position. (Note: the knees should not come forwards over your toes).

4 Stop lowering when the backs of your thighs are parallel to the floor. You should be able to see your toes in front of your knees.

5 Stand up by squeezing your bottom cheeks together, not the other way around (ie standing up and then squeezing).

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