Being a mentor

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By Fiona Turnerteacher at Anton Junior School, Andover

Being a mentor to a newly qualified teacher can be a rewarding and instructive experience

Mentor teacher

Every teacher needs a mentor at the start

It seems like only yesterday that I was introduced to my mentor for my NQT year. She was a lovely teacher, who taught me the school routines; which mug I could use in the staff room, tips on how to avoid annoying the headteacher and what to do when ‘Terry’ kept crawling under the table to look up the girls’ skirts.

My mentor certainly helped me settle in to the school but whether she helped me develop professionally, I’m not so sure. For each of the past ten years of my own teaching career I have been a mentor in some way. The types of mentoring have ranged from supporting a first year B.Ed student in her first ever teaching practice, to mentoring an NQT in the parallel Year 4 class to me, to being the mentor for the schools’ two NQTs and two GTPs.

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