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By Rosie WardenYear 4 teacher

Guest Editor, Rosie Warden’s Year 4 class review a selection of their favourite books

Tommy Niner and the Moon of Doom by Tony Bradman (Catnip, £4.99 PB) Reviewed by Denny

This book is set deep in space in the present time. It is about a family who want to have time off, but they have an important mission to complete – they have to pick up an admiral and help him to find another important person. On the way back to the space station, they get lost in space, light years away. I would recommend this book to children aged eight and over, because there are some tricky words.

Big Dog Bonnie by Bel Mooney (Walker, £3.99 PB) Reviewed by Katie

I think that Big Dog Bonnie is a great story for more confident readers. The book is about a boy called Harry who is desperate for a dog. One day, Harry’s mum gets him a dog, but he thinks it looks like a mouse. I like the illustrations because they are carefully done. I am glad I reviewed this book.

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