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By Karen Hartteacher and educational writer

Essential information to help you deal with extreme allergic reactions in children

Mother and baby

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Introduction to the condition

Anaphylaxis is a condition where the whole body may be affected, often within minutes, but sometimes after hours, of exposure to a substance an individual is allergic to: an allergen.Most of us are familiar with the term anaphylaxis, and the terrible cases we have all read about when someone unwittingly eats something that has been in contact with, usually, peanuts and suffers the most extreme form of the condition: anaphylactic shock. This is certainly not a condition to take lightly; it is reported that, worldwide, as many as one in 50 people may be sufferers – diagnosed cases in children have tripled in the last decade. But, although alert to their situation, for the vast majority of those affected, it’s life as normal.

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Causes of a reaction

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