The seaside – geography (KS2)

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By Christina Bakerwriter, teacher and educational journalist

Use the popular topic of the seaside to engage KS2 children in geography activities

Seaside resort

Topic of the month

Take a look at our KS1 geography ideas.

Throughout June, we’ll be providing engaging literacy, numeracy, science and geography activities – all themed around the seaside. You can access the KS1 literacy, KS2 literacy, KS1 science, KS2 science seaside literacy, KS1 numeracy and KS2 numeracy activities right now.

Upcoming topics of the month:
  • July: Transport (literacy, numeracy, science, D&T)
  • September: Food (literacy, numeracy, science, history/RE)
  • October: Theatre (literacy, numeracy, science, art)
  • November: Weather (literacy, numeracy, science, drama)
  • December: Time (literacy, numeracy, science, ICT)

There are almost 18,000 kilometres of coastline in the UK and it has played a crucial part of UK life for centuries. We have always been drawn to the seaside – for practical reasons (transport and shipping, for example), for pleasure (for the eternally popular seaside holiday) and for our own fascination (and the geographical and geological secrets that it unlocks). The topic of sea and seaside also provides an ideal stimulus by which children can explore the geography curriculum. Here are some ideas that can be adapted to suit the needs of your class. Enjoy… and no splashing!

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