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By Dr Amanda GummerPsychologist

The importance of role play and the psychology behind it is explored in this feature, which also explains how it can offer so many learning opportunities for boys and girls

Boys playing sailors © Richvintage/www.istockphoto.com

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Why is role play important to young children’s development? Early social development is highly correlated with academic achievement. The way a child settles into your setting and interacts with peers and adults will have a massive impact on his or her learning opportunities.

Many teaching practices are based on the Soviet psychologist Vygotsky’s social constructivist model of child development, as it highlights a child’s potential learning ability and demonstrates the importance of whole person development. The areas of development (traditionally split into cognitive, social and physical) overlap and reinforce each other.

Boys playing sailors © Richvintage/www.istockphoto.com
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